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Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

Thank you for your order!!
Orders are shipped out in the order they are received, and barring holidays, equipment failure etc
we shipping out within 48 hours. During holidays, we try to ship out within 24 hours.

Your order will usually be shipped out by Stamps.com and you will receive a notification
from Stamps.com to your email. This will include your tracking number and date shipped.

Your receipt will be emailed to you from Paypal and your order will include a packing slip.
For any returns, please include your packing slip which will be considered your recipt.

If you have any questions, please email us or, even text our CELL # at 307-534-5176


  IMPORTANT:  After placing your order, please add info@rawhidestudios.com  and rawhidegifts@yahoo.com to your address book if we need to contact you for any reason. Occasionally, we've needed to contact people quickly about their order,. That is the only reason we will contact you by phone. We do NOT keep a list of phone numbers, addresses or emails after your order is complete. We will not contact you for any reason unless there is any problem with your order such as an unexpected delay, we are wrong about our inventory amount, or have equipment malfunctions on our end. Then we would be happy to contact you as soon as possible to let you know so that we can either provide you a replacement or a refund. Thank you!!

   Note; if you  email us and receive no reply, often there may be an email conflict. Please email from a different server, or call our cell/voicemail at  307-534-5176.  If we are unable to answer ,you may leave a clear message with phone number so that we can return your call :)




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Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
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