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Contact Rawhide Gifts without a contact form…….My email is yahoo based and sometimes, sad to say, I don't always get the emails like I should. I are also in the process of changing from Century Link to another service, again because I have missed many emails.

So..just i case…this is my personal cell number which I also use for business. I DO SCREEN CALLS because I get tons of sales calls a day, so feel free to text me or to leave a message. When I see that a voice mail has been left, I usually know it's a legitimate call. If you are based in the United States, I will be able to return your call 🙂

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Iif you prefer to send a regular letter, our addess is Rawhide Gifts and Gallery, 1004 East P ST, Torrington, Wyoming 82240
If you do not hear from me, please contact me by any of these other methods. Where one might not work, another will. I think we've all become accustomed to assuming that all emails will go through, all letters will reach their destination and all voicemails will be sent. However, humans and electonics are behind these methods and while the success rate for receiving messages is great, there is always that one time…. ! Please feel free to use the contact form, the email address, my personal cell for texting or snail mail.

Thank you!