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Children's Baby Bonnets-Western Sunbonnets
Bonnets are $15.95 plus first class shipping
fits 1 yr to approx 6 to 7 year old.

sierra modeling sun bonnets
Image above is my granddaughter, age 4, 'modeling'
the bonnets  for a small child and her doll
wire image

NOTE; Colors may vary from computer monitor to computer monitor.



Children's Prairie Sunbonnets, Easter Bonnets,
Garden Hats

Childs western prairie sunbonnet, lime green with red ladybugs. Cute!
13avble Really cute! Line green with bright red lady bugs.


Childnre Denim-like prairie bonnet
 2 2 avble. Denim-like bonnets. Goes with everything! NM

Red Childrens bonnet with white polka dots and tiny white leaves
4 1 avble olka  dot and tiny leaf pattern on red bkgrd. Striking!


Childs Sunbonnet  Baby blue bonnet with roses.
5 /SOLD OUT Pretty robins' egg baby blue with tiny roses NM
  childs bonnet, pink and roses
 7  OUT OF STOCK Pink bkgrd with clusters of white roses


Pale blue children's prairie bonnet with vibrant pattern
8 4 avble Pale blue bkgrd, vibrant pattern


4 avble Linen-like material with tiny orange tulips/candy colored flowers

Pink Daisy bonnet
12  1avbleLike #27 but in pink. Daisies on pink bkgrd JO

children's buttercup yellow sunbonnet
14 2avblePretty sunshine yellow

Childs orange with white polka dot bonnet
31 2 avble Bright orange, tiny white print

Sunmaid Raisn Childrens Sunbonnet
Sunmad Raisin Red Children's Bonnet! JO

Polka dot nd yellow chilcds bonnet
19   1 avble Yellow Polka Dots JO

Dogwood-like flowers over a dusty rose bkgrd childrens sunbonnet
27  2 avble Dusty pink bkrd with gorgeous dogwood like blooms


Soft medium blue children's bonnet with red lady bugs and white daisies
3  3 avble med soft blue w/ladybugs and daisies

Bright Childs/girls bonnet with tiny red polka dots
16 1 avble bright yellow, tiny red polka dots

  Scattered tiny hearts over a white background childrnes sunbonnet
15 1 avble Scattered hearts over a white background. Pretty!
childs bonnet, delicate blue and pink flowers on cream background
9 1 avble delicate blue and pink flowers

25 2 avble Darker wine colored bkgr with subdued floral pattern


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