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Unless otherwise noted, we have only one of each. Please contact us on the availability of additional bonnets in solid colors. Patterned bonnets are available only until the
material we acquire runs out.

Baby Western Sunbonnets
Bonnets are $12.95 plus  shipping
fits 4 wks- 9 months

 Beautiful Western Style Baby Sunbonnets in PastelWestern Baby Bonnets colors; minty pastel green, pastel pink, and pastel blue and many other colors as well.. Bonnets fit babies from 4 weeks up to approximately 8 to 9 months in age.

  They are washable and are
adjustable with a ties at the
neck ruffle line. Brims are shady with a depth of 3 1/2" and a back neck ruffle of 2".
wire image
Baby Bonnets
There is a small selection of bonnets for those of you that wish to purchase bonnets for baby boys....Solid colors (when available) and print patterns like care bears etc are always a good choice and we'll try to have these when we are able to get the material and keep them in stock.

NOTE; Colors may vary from computer monitor to computer monitor!






Baby's  Prairie Sunbonnets, Easter Bonnets,
New Born Bonnets

Kermit the Fron little baby boy's sun hat
#1 3 avble

Little Kermit Frogs; perfect for baby boys


Baby Bonnet, pastel pink with roses, sun hat
#2 1 avble  Pastel pink with tiny scattered roses. Material no longer avble.

Baby Blue Flowered sun bonnet babies bonnet
#3 3avble Sky blue flowers densely packed on white bkgrd

Bright pink with white scallpped embroidered edging, pink baby bonnet for girls', sun hat
#4 2 avble bright pink with scalloped white embroidered edging

Baby Bonnets, sun hat, seersucker materail of tiny pink roses on white background
  Soft pink w/white flowers and pink roses, seersucker material. LAST ONE!


Robins' egg blue baby bonnet, sun hat, with tiny blue roses and vines
#6 1 avble Pretty med blue w/roses and vines NM

Baby sunbonnet in lovely mint color with subtle white floral pattern
#7 1avble
Lt lime w/tiny white flowers, color is gorgeous! Photo sadly didn't show 'true'. If needed, another photo can be provided or color scan. please email

Baby bonnet with tiny care bears Cute!
#8 3 avble Tiny Care Bears, Cute! NM

violet and roses baby sunbonnet
#9 3 avble NM
Rich violet shade, (like #6) with tiny roses and vines

 Bluish gray with tiny subtle pattern. Boy's or girld baby sun bonnet or sun hat
#10  2avble Bluish-gray with tiny, subtl circular patterns. Perfect for a boy (photo color not as true as I would like )

 1 avble Bright Pink, NO embroidered stitching on brim

White baby bonnet, subtle pattern, with pink scalloped embroidery on the brim
2 avble White bonnet, subtle pattern. with pink scalloped embroidered trim (like #4)  

Butterfly baby sunbonnet. Cute!
Baby sunnbonet of Light rose pink bankground with tiny  coral colored roses
#14 3 avble pale rose pink with deep rose colored flowers

Pastel Pink baby sun bonnet, baby sun hat. with pink scalloped embroidery
#15 3 avble Shell pink sun hat with pastel pink embroidered scallops in brim





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