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hese beautifully sewn women's and children's Western Pioneer Prairie Sun Bonnets will give you a bit of nostalgia for the old west....as well as protect your complexion from the wind and sun. Why use a chemically based sun screen when you can protect your face and neck, keeping your lovely complexion intact like the women in the 1800's did!  Made from cotton and cotton blends.    
If  sunburn has always been a problem for you, don't let it be anymore. Remember your grandmother wearing these old fashioned prairie sunbonnets  in the garden? Remember curling up on her lap and looking into her kindly eyes peeking from under the shady brim of her sun bonnet? Bring a bit of nostalgia back into your life and protect your skin from those deadly sun rays with our many lovely choices of western  sunbonnets!

Returns-Order with confidence,
because if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return  your bonnet (with receipt) within 14 days for an exchange or refund minus shipping costs.
Wash and wear. Wash on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Iron on a low setting. Very low maintenance!s.
Shipping outside the U.S? Prices reflect United State Shipping. Please contact us for additional shipping info if you are out of the United States. We DO ship to Canada!
Order yours today!

Western Sunbonnet Information
They are all handmade locally, with a stiffened brim, neckties and have an adjustable tie inside the bonnet at the neck base.  Bonnets are machine washable and sturdy but we recommend a gentle cycle. After washing, lightly press with a warm iron if needed.

Bonnets have a 5 1/2 inch deep brim, and a neck ruffle of 5 inches. The gathered cap is deeper and roomier by approximately 2 inches.

To lengthen the back neck covering, loosen the ties inside the casing. To shorten, tighten the ties.Small 'How-To" Bonnet Picture

The quality of the sewing is wonderful as the women who make these are meticulous and detailed.

The size is a  medium/large which fits most women. If, however, you find that this  is still too small, please return with your receipt for an exchange. However, on your exchange, there are no guarantees on color or pattern.
Click for a larger picture

Our sunbonnets have found homes in California, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Canada, Wyoming, Tennessee, Utah, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Arizona, S. Carolina,  N. Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida,  ND,  SD, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Maine, New Mexico, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisc., Vermont and Connecticut. Thank you for supporting  our local western sunbonnet seamstresses.

Over seas customers; Great Britain, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Russia, Scotland and The Bahamas

NOTE; Colors may vary from computer monitor to computer monitor!


Western Women's Pioneer Prairie Sunbonnets
and Children's Pioneer Prairie Sunbonnet made just like the original Bonnets of the 1800's
Western Womens Sunbonnet, black background with painted daisy print
1  Currently Sold Out (sewing the last of the material we have on this one)
Pretty painted daisies on blk bkgrd d WM-NM .
HOT pink ! ladies western sunbonnet
2 1  avble NEW! Hot pink!!

3 2 avble  NEW! Soft, butter cream yellow w/old fashioned garden roses. WM-NM

Western Bonnet-ladies-pure white 4 1 avble White Bonnet

Red and White Floral western women's bonnet
5 5 avble. NEW! Vibrant, bold! Red and white floral print WM-NM

Pastel Pink Women's western sunbonnet
6 1 avble Pastel Pink

Womens Pioneer Sunobonnets
7 4 avble
 Gorgeous!!  Pale yellow with clusters of white flowers HL

Splashy flower print Prairie Sunbonnet
81 avble
Splashy, showy, pretty sunbonnet w/array of brightly colored flowers HL

  Celery green sun bonnet with tiny clusers of beautiful garden roses on the background
10 1 avble Celery green with cluster of old fashioned garden roses

Cluster of carmine red roses on black background, exotic bonnet!
11 2 avble Lovely carmine red roses on blk bkgrd

western womens sunbonnet, blue swirls
13 1 avble Pretty blue swirled pattern

Lavender roses on rich purple background women's western sunbonnet
14 2 avble Rich purple with lavender roses JO-NM

Golden Paisley bonnet is SOLD OUT (looking for new bonnet material)


1 avble Delft blue roses bonnet

Hollyhock sunbonnet
17 1avble Navy blue, lt blue and rose hollyhocks

Womens Sun bonnet with delicate sprays of green on a lt green bkgrd
4 avble Delicate sprays of green on very lt green bkgrd. Lovely

Sunshine Yellow Western Women's Prairie Bonnet
19 2 avble  Sunshine Yellow w/tiny print JO

Turquoise Patterned Prairie Sunbonnet
20 3avble Pretty turquoise blue, small flowers HL

Western Sunbonnet, tan hatched bkgrnd w/roses
21 1 avble
Tiny roses on a cross hatched bkgd. More period correct in style.

Lavender Paisely Sun bonnet for Women
22 OUT OF STOCK Lovely lavender paisley pattern, we are sewing these bonnets
Delicate Mint Green Women's Sunbonnet
23 1 avble Delicate Mint color w/tiny sprays of leaf pattern. Picture does NOT capture the lovely color or do justice to this bonnet!

Salmon Pink blgd bonnet with scattered whites and greens
25 4 avble Scattered leaf pattern of whites and green on a salmon pink bkgd

Forest Green bonnet is SOLD OUT (looking for new bonnet material)      





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