About Us, About Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

Jack and Madeleine Jacobs began a small business in South Dakota online in 1997, originally focusing on original artwork named after Madeleine’s art studio, RawhideStudios. Rawhidestudios was named after the famously named Rawhide Buttes in Lusk, Wyoming, the history of which you can read here.

Over time the website evolved into offering western related items such as bootjacks or boot pulls, western pioneer prairie bonnets made from an original authentic sunbonnet pattern, carved bone feather earrings, American doll western prairie doll dresses and more. When told that bonnets might not sell well online, the Jacob’s decided to offer them anyway, and see how they did. To date, their bonnets have been sold to almost all 50 states and 15 different countries including Japan and are used as school history plays, and for western and period correct re-enactors nationwide.

Moving back to Madeleine’s home state  of Wyoming in 2004, they opened a brick and mortar store with many more western items and while short lived and then closed due to health concerns, the business was enjoyed for the time it was open. Going back to website orders, and reducing inventory, only simplified their lives so that they could concentrate on the items they either produced themselves, or items from reputable companies they had a long standing relationship with.

Today, the Jacob’s offer bonnets and bootjacks both by retail and wholesale to qualifying customers, both inside the United States as well as abroad. Bonnets are often sold wholesale to church groups (such as the Mormon church groups that trek in mid-western Wyoming during certain summers), SASS shoots (Single Action Shooting Society), re-enactors guilds and museums.

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