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Black Pot Belly Bear Family in sizes of 22", 16", 12" and 8"
Bear Family-from Original Giant Size to mini.

These Collectible Pot Bellied Stuffed Bears come in  Brown and Black..

     Why would you need a stuffed pot belly teddy bear? Because they are fun to collect, no one can ever have too many!, they are your best friends from your childhood, the cuddly one that lets you say what you like knowing your secrets never be repeated. He's your secret pal, who loves you know matter what. The Pot Bellied Friend you can't live without.  Mini black potbellied bearWhile we won't go so far as to say he makes coffee for you in the morning, we can say he is easy on the grocery bill and has been known to pick up after himself and make his own bed :)

   There is the large Guardian Pot Bellied stuffed Teddy Bear at 16", the medium Secret Pal Pot Bellied Bear at 12" and the adorable Mini Pocket Pal Pot Bellied Bear at 8".  Stuffed Teddy Bears are made of plush. To remove dust and dirt, do not wash, but merely take a damp cloth and blot the dust off occasionally. You'll find the hair very smooth and that dust and dirt will not cling Front view of the brown pot bellied pillow bearkeeping the stuffed bears virtually care-free. Not meant for children's toys, but more for room decoration and 'toy teddy bear' collectors. DISCLAIMER: not meant as a child's toy  for children under three, but as a decorator item/collector's gift only.

Potbelly Stuffed Teddy Bears, Small Pot Belly Bears,
Long Legged Stuffed Teddy Bears

Long Legged Teddy Bear in Light Brown
Butterscotch (MED)
2 avble
18" long $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping

12 inch Brown Pot Belly Bear
10" ( 4 avble) Brown Pot Belly Bear $34.95 includes shipping

12 inch Black Pot Belly Bear
10" (1avble) Black Pot Belly Bear $34.95 includes shipping


Mini 8" brown pot bellied stuffed brear
8" (2 avble)Mini Black  Pot Bellied Bear $12.95 plus shipping
Pot Belly Mini bear with Plus fur
8" (2 avble)Mini Black
  Pot Bellied Bear $12.95 plus shipping
    Panda Bean Bag
Panda Bean Bag $28.95 plus 9.95 shipping
approx " 17 long and sits comfortably on top of a head board, windowsill or bed. This little guy is pose-able.




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