Baby Sunbonnets

Baby Western Sunbonnets, Sun Hats, Christening Bonnets
Western Baby BonnetsBonnets are $12.95 plus shipping  and will fit 4 wks- 9 months
Shipping is included in the PAYPAL price and is shipped FIRST CLASS

Beautiful Western Style Baby Sunbonnets in Pastel colors; minty pastel green, pastel pink, and pastel blue and many other colors as well.. Bonnets fit babies from 4 weeks up to approximately 8 to 9 months in age.

They are washable and are adjustable with a ties at the neck ruffle line. Brims are shady with a depth of 3 1/2" and a back neck ruffle of 2".

For shipping outside the U.S, please contact us


Baby Bonnet, Kermit the Frog print for a baby boy-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#1 3avble Soft green with Kermit the frog. Cute!!! 

Baby Bonnet Pastel Pink with tiny roses-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#2 1 avble  Pastel pink with tiny scattered roses. NM

Baby Bonnet, tiny blue flowered print on white background-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#3 3avble Sky blue flowers densely packed on white bk

Baby Bonnet Bright Pink with lighter pink scalloped edging-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#4 2avble Bright pink w/lighter pink scalloped edge

Baby Bonnet Old Fashioned Seersucker material with tiny rose print -Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

out of stock 

Baby Bonnet blue with darker tiny blue roses on background-Rawhide gifts and Gallery
#61avble NM
Pretty med blue w/roses and vines NM

Baby Bonnet Gorgeous Paste;l Lime Green with tiny flowers-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#7 1 avble Lt lime w/tiny white flowers, color is gorgeous!

Baby Bonnet Gorgeous Paste;l Lime Green with tiny flowers-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#8 3 avble Tiny Care Bears, Cute! NM

Baby Bonnet violet with darker tiny violet roses on background-Rawhide gifts and Gallery
#9 3 avble NM
 violet shade, (like #6) w/tiny roses/ vines

Baby Bonnet soft steel gray with very subtle pattern on background. Suitable for a boy, also looks great on a baby girl-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#10  2avble Blue-gray w/tiny, subtl circular patterns.

Baby Bonnet Bright Pink-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#11  1 avble Bright Pink, NO embr stitching on brim

Baby Bonnet-White with pretty pink scalloped embroidery stitching-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#12 2 avble White bonnet, subtle pattern. pink scalloped embr


  Baby Bonnet Pale Pink with brighter flowers and roses scattered on bkgrd-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#14 3 avble pale rose pink with deep rose colored flowers

Baby Bonnet-Pale Pink with pink embroidered scalloped trim-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
 #15 3 avble Shell pink sun hat with pastel pink scallops