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About Us


We are a small business based in Wyoming, and while we do carry gifts made from outside sources and countries, many of our other products are made in-house, such as our exclusive sunbonnets, personalized mugs and unique bootjacks,  in our own shop. You will see a logo next to Wyoming made products on some of our pages.

 We have been in business online for almost 15 years.   We first started in South Dakota and in 2004, we moved back to Wyoming, and my home town. From there, we opened a brick and mortar business which I closed after 5 years due to increasing red tape, stress and 2 small heart attacks. From there, we went strictly to an internet business which we find less stressful,  but allows us to still interact with people.  We are available Mon-Friday 9 am to 5 p.m MST by cell phone at 307-534-5176  voicemail.  We are the easiest to reach by email at info@rawhidestudios.com

 "Where are we?" we are often asked. If you are out of the state, but are familiar with Denver, Colorado, we are 3 hours north. If you have even been to Cheyenne Frontier Days, our state's capital, we are 85 miles north of Cheyenne.

What got us started? hmmm.....good question. It started with a lot of experimentation, local shows and evolved into wholesale orders which got larger and larger. Over time, the products evolved to a professional status and were eventually shipped all over the U.S including many countries outside of our wonderful country. How cool is that?!!


Buy American Made

   Because we feel very strongly about American made products, we not only build and create many of our products here, but if possible, we do our best to buy materials from American based companies.  Since so much work has been outsourced to other countries, it has left  American workers without jobs. While not always possible, we are trying to do our best to practice what we believe in......American made, American bought, American owned. Now, more than ever, with the strongest outsourcing in history and the many jobs lost to people in other countries, we owe it to ourselves to buy American made products. While they may cost us a bit more, they are providing work for American people, keeping them in work (for example, we hire our bonnets sewn and we hire help during the Christmas season) and they will in turn pour their money back into the economy. And an outsourced worker will not.

   In addition to what we currently have available, we have done some  custom work on tiles, wooden jewelry boxes, framing, artwork and personalized mugs which, depending on availability, are great gift items.. If you see something you have a question about, call or email us for a quote.

  Please contact us  for any additional shipping outside the U.S


   You may contact us by either email....  info@rawhidestudios.com or rawhidegifts@yahoo.com in the event that one or the other doesn't work. You may also contact us by mail or phone below.



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