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New Bonnet! Charcoal Gray with a Faux
"Watered Silk-Like" Pattern

ladies black patterned bonnet

  This material was a pleasure to sew. I'm regretting not getting more of it, but instead I only got enough for 2 or 3. The pattern is really unusual but I've included a closeup so you can see it as well as be able to see why I consider it so unigue/ This material makesa a fantastic ladies sunbonnet! 

 Though the material was in the 'black' section when I went looking for material, it's actually more of a beautiful and subtle charcoal gray with dark and lighter random streaks in it. It looks a bit like what a watered silk might lladies charcoal gray simulated watered silk  sun bonnetook like I would think.

There are only a few of these bonnets so get them while you can.

If you are a reenactor or someone who is in an historical play,  this bonnet can also be considered period correct.

However, it is NOT 100 percent cotton, but instead, is a cotton blend.



Rawhide Gifts bonnets and bootjacks-Silver Hawk Carved Feather Bone Necklace Set of Pin Tail Duck-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery





Silver Hawk Jewelry

Cedar Boot Jacks, hardwook bootjacks






Boot Jacks, Bootpulls

Purple Paisley Gathered Sunbonnet for Ladies






Sun Bonnets

Rawhide Gifts bonnets and bootjacks-zunibear jewelry








Rawhide Gifts bonnets and bootjacks-Baby Bonnets-womens sun bonnets gardening hats bootjacks boot jacks cowboy boots
Baby Sun Bonnets
Rawhide Gifts bonnets and bootjacks-womens sun bonnets gardening hats bootjacks boot jacks cowboy boots
Children's Sunbonnets
Rawhide Gifts bonnets and bootjacks-Belt Buckle Silver tone blank





Asst Belt Buckle Blanks..

Montana Silversmithe Jewelry Bracelet, ladies silvertone carved scroll work



Montana Silversmith Scroll and Floral Cuff Bracelet




Montana Silver Smith
Ladies Bracelets

Ladies Sunbonnet for Reenactors, Gardening or Cancer Prevention
Bootjacks and Boot pulls, both pine wood and cedar wood. Personalized or Standard
Guaranteed High Quality Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

Ladies womens gathered sunbonnet, dark lavender paisley


Our Newest Sunbonnet!

A darker lavender and paisley print.

See our newest ladies gathered sunbonnet here.

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