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Rawhide Gifts  offers beautiful U.S made products in the form of our unique western style boot jacks or boot pulls for cowboy boots and some overshoes. These handy tools are a welcome addition in any home making it easy to remove your foot gear without having to bend to do so. These  jacks are incredibly sturdy and will be an asset to anyone wanting to remove boots the easy way. 


Gardening Sun Bonnets, Period Correct Reenactment  Prairie Sun Bonnets

Our western victorian theme  continues with some fantastic,  beautiful assortments of  colorful women's prairie western sun bonnets and gardening hats. You will find a pretty large selection with reasonable prices along with quality sewing. We go above and beyond the  'made in china'  goods normally sold.  Make your life easier with a custom western boot jack that does most of the work for you. Simplify gardening or eliminate chemical sunscreens by choosing a beautifully made women's sun bonnet or gardening. Take the sting of sunburn out of your gardening pleasure. Quick link to the sun bonnets is here.


Baby Christening Bonnets and Girl's Sun Bonnets

Baby Christening coming up? You will love our special baby sun bonnet section with a variety of sun bonnets hats for boys or girls. From Kermit the frog to an embroidered baby cap, to eyelet lace, you will find some lovely choices here. Don't forget the little girls section with children's sun bonnets fit for a LIttle House on the Prairie play.


We are particularly proud of the fact that several of our products are not only American Made but are Wyoming made as well. For each cowboy boot jack or a women's sun bonnet sold, you are helping to support an American business.


For more information on any of our products, please feel free to TEXT us (), email us, or write us with any inquiries you might have. We are available most easily by email but can also be reached by text through our cell phone/voice mail.

Please Visit our Catalog for more items such as Blue Ceramic Delft Ware, Clocks, 18" American Victorian Doll Dresses and more…

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