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Our website focuses mainly on items, gifts and posts  that  are western in nature. You can see our kind of style in our bootjacks, jewelry, and on our bonnets for children and babies. Rawhide Gifts places a stronger  emphasis on women's bonnets that were worn during the 1800's and so we carry a line of gathered sunbonnets using period correct style material for reenactors. Bootjacks used by horsemen all over are often still considered a western item. You can see the styles we currently offer in our catalog or on this page.
Our blog tries to focus not just on the items we carry, but  things that are connected to the western culture and way of life Things that are fun to know and learn about. At times when we are able, we will give you reviews on some types of western gifts related to jewelry, home decor and even outdoor cowboy camping and cooking. And just for fun, you might find interesting reads on  western and Wyoming histories and the occasional ghost story.   We're glad you stopped by!


7 Fun Bonnet Facts-china-blue-flowered adult ladies sunbonnetSeven Fun and Interesting Sun Bonnet Facts

While sunbonnets haven't been around forever and actually had a short-lived life, they do have a bit of an interesting background. Just for curiosity sake, here are 7 fun and interesting facts about the ordinary ladies pioneer sunbonnet. 

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Suprisingly, many women are also not sure how to wear a sunbonnet. Ours are made with drawstrings inside to give a bit more of a custom fit. Moreover, you'll find it easy to pull the brim over your face for more shade, or tighten the cap by Reading how to wear these gardening sunbonnet hats here.


Montana Silversmith Equestrian Heart Ladies Silver Bracelet
Montana Silversmith Equstrian Heart Ladies Silver Bracelet Review

I was blessed to have a chance to review this bracelet up close. It is a solid, sturdy piece that makes a wonderful addition to the jewelry you may already have. Read  Review Here.

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Montana Silversmithe Jewelry Bracelet, ladies silvertone carved scroll work

Featuring the Classic Western Silver Carved Bracelet from Montana Silversmith

   Monthana Silversmith is one of the most popular jewelry styles in our regional area. Classy without being overstated; feminie without being clunky and ostentaious. This Montana Silversmith Silver toned bracelet makes any woman look good….not just cowgirls!

   The design is a simple, yet functional cuff bracelet that will fit almost any woman's wrist. Easy care. Just simply wipe off dust, dirt and skin oils with a soft cloth and mild detergent.


Rawhide Gifts Commitment to You 

Offers beautiful U.S made products in the form of our unique western style boot jacks or boot pulls for cowboy boots, beautifully sewn historial replica prairie sunbonnets and our Silver Hawk bone feather carved jewelry. Of course most of these products come from Wyoming, a state that is proud of it's western cowboy and cowgirl culture where we are defined by hard work we do out on the open prairie, by courtesy, respect, customer service and our creativity that we spend our time on when our day's work is done. By the same token, we believe in loyalty to our customers and are determinied to bring you quality in our products. In the same way, you'll find that our prouducts 'tell' a story, so to speak, of our western way of life.


About Rawhide Gifts Bonnets and Bootjacks, Period Correct Reenactment  and Prairie Bonnets

Our Rawhide Gifts bonnets and bootjacks western victorian theme  continues with some fantastic,  beautiful assortments of  colorful women's prairie western sun bonnets and gardening hats. You will find a pretty large selection with buce choices in fabric and color, reasonable prices along with quality sewing. But also, we go above and beyond the  'made in china'  goods normally sold.  These bonnets have been used in Period Reenactments such as SASS shoots, western history plays and western themed reenactments. The period correct bonnets are made of material that uses prints like calicos or more subdued colors that correspond to the time period.


Equally important, for civil war enthusiasts and purists, we will soon be carrying period correct bonnets made of 100% cotton to reflect the accuracy of the civil war and 1850's time period. Overall, we think you will be pleased with the quality of these bonnets. Please feel free to inquire about these if interested.


Simplify gardening or eliminate chemical sunscreens by choosing a beautifully made women's sun bonnet or gardening hat. Take the sting of sunburn out of your gardening pleasure. Quick link to the sun bonnets is here.


Baby Christening Bonnets and Girl's Sun Bonnets

Baby Christening coming up? You will love our special baby sun bonnet section with a variety of sun bonnets hats for boys or girls. From Kermit the frog to an embroidered baby cap, to eyelet lace, you will find some lovely choices here. Don't forget the little girls section with children's sun bonnets fit for a LIttle House on the Prairie play. Our bonnets are made of good quality fabric, usually a cotton or cottom blend. Easy to care for, you will find them a simple wash and wear. In the same fasion, you will find it even easier to make  adjustments  by using the interior drawstring ties to control the size of the bonnet cap.

In light of our baby bonnets, please note that Christening bonnets can also be made to order and you can request such things as lace, contrasting trim etc.


We are particularly proud of the fact that several of our products are not only American Made but are Wyoming made as well. Again, for each cowboy boot jack or a women's sun bonnet sold, you are helping to support an American business.


Equally important is your abilibity to contact us. For more information on any of our products, please feel free to TEXT Rawhide Gifts Bonnets and Bootjacks with our new number number email us, or write us with any inquiries you might have. We are available most easily by email but can also be reached by text through our cell phone/voice mail.

In addition, please feel free to visit our Catalog for more items such as Blue Ceramic Delft Ware, Clocks, 18" American Victorian Doll Dresses and more…

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