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NEW! Silver Hawk Carved Bone Feather Earrings

    We have just gotten our first new order of Silver Hawk Carved Bone Feather Earrings in and the Tri-CSilver Hawk Carved Bone Parrot Feather Earringsolored Parrot earrings are brand-spanking new for us...we've never had them before and hope this new addition will be well received.

We've carried these fantastic earrings for years and have never been disappointed in the service, the quality, the support and the exquisite hand craftsmanship that goes into each piece. We bet you won't be disappointed either.

To see some of the new arrivals, (we will be placing more orders soon, for necklaces and some more earrings we have not carried before...) Click Here.

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Bootjacks by Rawhide Gifts with sihouette bucking bronc overlay

Zuni Bear Necklace Jewelry at Rawhide Gifts www.rawhidestudios.com
Zuni Bear Jewelry

Largest selection of western prairie sunbonnets for women and children at www.rawhidestudios.com
Prairie Bonnets
Stuffed Toy Pot Belly Bears at Rawhide Gifts www.rawhidestudios.com
Toy Bears

Corn Husk Doll Kit at Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
Corn Husk Kit

Wooden western style barrel pen Rawhide gifts www.rawhidestudios.com
Barrel Pens
Native American Style bird feather earrings made from real bone at Rawhide gifts www.rawhidestudios.cm
 Feather Earrings
Victorian Style clothing in the 1850's fashion for 18 inch American Dolls
American Dolls



Rawhide Gifts and Gallery has been offering beautiful Wyoming made products in the form of our unique bootjacks and colorful prairie western sunbonnets both for the one time buyer and the whole-saler.

You will find some truly wonderful baby bonnets for the newborn, lady's gardening sunbonnets, or Easter Bonnets. Sizes include baby, children and adult women.

We are particularly proud of the fact that several of our products are not only American Made but are Wyoming made as well. For each bootjack or bonnet sold, you are helping to support an American business.

or more information on any of our products, please fee free to call us (307-534-5176), email us, or write us with any inquiries you might have. We are available most easily by email but can also be reached by our cell phone/voice mail.



     Western Gift ideas for your home, your vacation home or your friends don't have to be large, elaborate or expensive. Western gifts can be unique, attractive and personal. And they are most definitely a style that is coming back in! We take the time to give a personal touch to your western gift shipping; from our exclusive Made in Wyoming Boot Jacks to our Made in Wyoming Prairie Sun Bonnets, Easter Bonnets, we want your western gift giving to be a pleasurable and creative experience.
     We believe in doing a good job, treating customers with honesty and respect and giving them personal customer service!


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